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I’ve been doing this for quite some time, so it’s rare to have a first when it comes to a shoot, but this is my very first maternity session!  We photographed Karen + Tony’s Hawaiian wedding earlier this year, and now they’re expecting their first child!  I’ve been asked a few times to do a maternity session, but the genre tends to conjure up certain types of images that people expect to receive that don’t necessarily fit with my vision.  Thankfully, they trusted me enough to let me do my thing, and we made some really great images!  It was fun to draw some parallels to a few key images from their wedding too.

Thanks for trusting me create images for another important time in your lives together, and best of luck with the adventure to come!


We recently photographed a really fun wedding at Cornerstone in Sonoma, one of our favorite venues!  It’s always a treat when we get to shoot in the Sonoma/Napa area, but this place is pretty special.  It’s totally a photographer’s paradise.  I think we could shoot here 20 times and always come up with something different.  It was a pleasure working with Quintana Events as well.

Malarie got a great moment with the chilly bridesmaids.

The light for Jennifer’s walk to the ceremony site was pretty spectacular.

Flowergirl and Ring Bearer wrangling is always entertaining.

Love when I can catch the groom’s face watching his bride walk down the aisle.

Malarie grabbed a great moment during the ceremony.

Yep, you’re married!

Malarie snagged another great moment right after the ceremony.

Time to play! Such a blast figuring out what to do with this space.  I always have 10 times more stuff I’d like to do than I have time here.


Thanks for having us along to capture your day!



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We recently joined Ruth Ann +  James at the Beautiful Olympia’s Valley Estate in Petaluma for their wedding.  This was absolutely our favorite kind of wedding.  They planned their day around the spectacular venue, (seriously it was like a movie set) in a way that created an ease and a relaxing environment for everyone involved, and led to a great party in the evening!  A big part of why everything felt so seamless and at ease was definitely due to their event planner, Leslie Struble of My Dandelion Events.  She has the unique ability of being both low key and ever present that is a rare find and is such a calming presence.


Thought this was too funny. Pretty sure that’s just sparkling cider though. I think!

The guys getting ready photos are always a little different than the women’s. 🙂

A couple of sweet moments from their first sight:

Love this quirky/sweet moment before the ceremony.

Ruth Ann and her Father had some really meaningful quiet moments throughout the day.

Runaway Flowergirl!

OK I said this place was like a set!  Often times we find ourselves trying to make the imperfect look perfect and have to scramble to find enough scenes to use for our style of portraits.  This was not one of those times. If anything, narrowing down the ideas into the allotted time was the challenge.  We could shoot here 20 times and not make the same shot twice.  There is so much love poured into this property, and it’s so well curated.  It’s a special place.

The awesome team that pulled everything else together are:

Sage Catering

Branching Out Cakes

Monkey Flower Group

They spent a quiet moment together (almost) alone in the guesthouse before being announced.

This one made me laugh.

I’m a sucker for a pointing finger on the dance floor.

Ruth Ann and James had a choreographed swing dance prepared and wowed their peeps.

We had a great time being a part of your day, thanks for trusting us to be there!


On Day 3 of our coverage of Karen + Tony’s Hawaiian Wedding, they got back into wedding attire, and we had some fun taking advantage of all that scenery Oahu has to offer.  It’s so enjoyable to do this type of session, since there’s no worries about schedule, no concern for staying perfectly clean, and we can really dig in and make some memorable images!


Day 2 of Karen and Tony’s Hawaiian wedding at the Turtle Bay Resort begins with a first sight and a few portraits in the Banyan tree forest, such a beautiful spot!



Karen and her parents cresting the hill to the ceremony.


Hard to beat this view for a ceremony.Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0008Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0009Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0010Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0011Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0012Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0013Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0014Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0015Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0016Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0018Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0017Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0019Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0020_01Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0021Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0022Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0023Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0024Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0025

Gotta watch for those low light strings when doing the Hora! 🙂Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0026Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0027Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0028Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0029Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0030Turtle_Bay_North_Shore_Oahu_Wedding-0031


It was a wonderful day full of laughter and happy tears, and we were so pleased to be able to be there to document it!  Thanks for trusting us to capturing it and for bringing us along on your island adventure!

A shout out to Nichole Weddings for helping to keep everything going smoothly, it was fun to work with you!


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