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These two had the recipe down for one of our favorite weddings of the season so far.  It’s completely obvious how crazy they are for each other, they stayed present and in the moment all day, and their friends and family know how to have a good time!  The dream team hired to put things on and the beautiful surroundings certainly didn’t hurt either.

Malarie joined up with the guys, where they had their own idea of what “getting ready” meant.:-)

One of a few tears that were shed during the ceremony.  Some of the most touching vows we’ve heard.

The day went without a hitch due to the outstanding team they compiled.  Some of the highlights include: Trisha Dean Events on planning and design, Paula LeDuc Catering served some of the finest food we’ve seen at a wedding while making it look like child’s play, and Soulflower Design Studio created the florals, including that remarkable floral wall at the ceremony.  It’s amazing how smoothly a wedding can go when a team of this caliber is involved.



Thanks so much for sharing your day with us!

Cliff and Malarie

  • Matt - Great work man!

  • Cliff - Thanks homie! :-)

  • Soulflower Design Studio - Beautiful images of this gorgeous day! Thank you so much for your hardwork and dedication to capturing all the lovely little details!

We have a fun one to share with you today!  These two are so light hearted, genuine, and easy going that we knew they were going to have a great wedding, and  the Dunsmuir House in Oakland was a memorable backdrop for it all.Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0001_01Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0002_02Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0003_03Loved this shot of Malarie’s.  That’s a lot of trust!Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0004_04Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0005_05Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0006_06Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0007_07Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0008_08The excitement sinks in before the ceremony.Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0009_09They’re checking each others nerves.:-)Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0010_10Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0011_11Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0012_12Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0013_13Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0014_14Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0015_15Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0016_16Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0017_17Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0018_18Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0019_19You know a toast is good when you get this range of emotion, laughter to tears.Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0020_20Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0021_21Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0022_22Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0023_23Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0024_24Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0025_25Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0026_26Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0027_27Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0028_28Dunsmuir_House_Wedding-0029_29  Thanks for trusting us to document your day! Cliff