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Heather + Mike | Married!

This past Saturday we were at the Genoa Lakes Golf Club in Genoa, NV just on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. There was a spectacular view of the mountains and surrounding area from the Club, and we made the most of the setting even with pretty steady 50mph gusts of wind. Thanks for toughing it out and looking cool even with the breeze. 🙂

The ladies: Heather is top left.

The gentlemen: Mike is top left. Gotta love Justin’s “Blue Steel” 🙂

Heather’s dad, Howard showing off his pink socks after delivering a touching speech. The socks were apparently the one concession he was given to his usual colorful wardrobe. 🙂

This DJ knew how to get the party going, and keep it going! I’ve never seen dancing like this on such a large scale. He practically choreographed the entire reception. They brought him up from Southern Cal, and he and his team were awesome! His name is Bino, and he rocks the house!

We had a great time with you all, thanks and enjoy your Honeymoon Heather and Mike!!


  • Heather and Mike - Hey Cliff and Malarie!! Thank you both so much for the beautiful photos. You guys did so good. We can’t wait to see more! You guys were so fun to be around and work with. We just got back from Cancun last night so we hope to talk to you soon! Thanks again!
    Mike and Heather

  • Cliff - Thanks Heather and Mike! I’ll be in touch soon!

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