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Monica + Parke | Married! – Wente Winery Wedding

Monica and Parke flew in from Vegas to have their wedding here at the Wente Vineyards in Livermore. It was a beautiful day, and we always love a good vineyard!



Some great moments during the ceremony:

Some awesome portraits! This group shot is one of my favorite group shots ever!

They had a Mariachi band during the cocktail hour, they were particularly fun to photograph:

First dance:

Yikes. Watch those pins!

Thanks for sharing your day with us! Congrats!


  • The Bride - Cliff…Your work is insane!  I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding photographer!  My husband and I were looking at these this morning on my iPhone (tiny little pictures), and still managed to get teared up.  Thank you for doing such an excellent job!  We can’t wait to see the rest of them.-Monica 

  • Calvin - That first picture with the grapes looks very yummy.  I love that group shot with the four windows.

  • Karlee - Parke and Monica look like they belong in a magazine! Perfectly beautiful!

  • Nicole - Absoutely beautiful and perfect. You did a wonderful job!!!

  • Camille Flemate - Love the pictures! It’s like reliving the moment all over again! Well done!

  • Miguel - The group picture looks so cool. The picture with the sun setting has so many beautiful colors it in. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the pictures look like. 

  • Jennifer Skog - Oooh!  I love the group shot too!  I haven’t had a chance to shoot an outdoor reception at Wente before, I love it!

  • Olga Vidriales - OMG! You are truly a “professional”! Makes me want to throw all my pictures out ;)This is what happens when you combine a great photographer, beautiful couple and a fabulous event!

  • dave - Incredible as always Cliff! I gave you some love on my blog. Hey, I never told you this… but my cousin lives in Big Sur. Do I smell a trip in 2009? Perhaps….


  • Natasha - Love the bridal party shot! Just WOW!

  • Cliff - Thanks so much you guys!!! All your comments mean alot to me!

  • michelle - great.great.great bridal shot!

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