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Tiffany + Sean | Married! – Clift Hotel Wedding

We had the opportunity to shoot Tiffany and Sean’s awesome wedding a few weeks back, and it’s time to share some images! They were married at Trinity Episcopal Church, and their reception was at the Clift Hotel. If they look familiar, it’s because we had a great Engagement Session a couple months back.

A really cool image of the minister lighting the candles before the ceremony:

Tiffany! I love these red doors. Every time I would drive by this church, I secretly wished I’d get a wedding there, so I could play with these awesome doors.

Amazing florals by Nancy Liu Chin (I’m linking to her info on Here Comes the Guide, as it appears her website is having some issues.) I don’t know if I’ve seen a florist more enthusiastic about what they do as her and her team!

I aboslutely loved these “flower balls” they had for the bridesmaids. They had a better name for them, but I’m no flower expert. I just know what I like. 🙂

This kid was adorable! Cool little shot during the ceremony. I wonder what he’s thinking.


I liked this shot playing with the mirrors on the cable car on the way to the Clift.

No pressure! I only had one frame to get this shot right, as we weren’t really allowed to shoot in the lobby. I’m thrilled it was a good one!

Checking out the bling!

Isn’t this room amazing?

I was digging this ring shot!

We snuck out to take a couple shots in this great staircase:

First Dance:

This woman, who I believe is Tiffany’s Grandmother, (Correct me if I’m wrong!) was an absolute hoot on the dancefloor. I think she danced with every person out there, and was very popular with the fellas. 🙂

Victorious after a hard fought bouquet toss!

The Clift at the end of the night:

Congrats to Sean and Tiffany, thanks for sharing your day with us!


  • Teresa Smathers - Wow these are so beautiful.  I love you both so much and was greatly privileged to be involved.  Tiffy you are so beautiful as always.  I can say that cause you’re the prettiest sister in the world.  I love you Teresy

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