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Tom + April | Married! – Piedmont Community Hall Wedding

I had the pleasure of shooting Tom and Aprils Wedding a few weeks ago at the Piedmont Park/Community Hall. They live just off the park, so this place feels very much like home to them, and is also the spot where Tom proposed to April! It was a fitting and a beautiful spot for a wedding, it’s starting to feel like home to me too after also shooting their engagement session there a while back. Special thanks to my awesome assistant for the day, David Bornfriend, a talented up and coming editorial photographer.
On to the images!

April’s dress was simply one of the most stunning I’ve seen. Really beautiful detail:

A little fun with the shoes:

April on the left, and one of Tom’s sisters on the right. I liked the “mirror image” feeling of this one:

Tom very lovingly got both of his boys ready for the big day. I loved the quiet, intimate feel of this image:

Another quiet moment contemplating at the bottom of the stairs. Not all the moments involving the boys were this quiet though! 🙂

We set up a “first sight” for Tom and April, an intimate moment just between the two of them where they can see eachother for the first time on their wedding day. I loved Tom’s reaction:

Fun with a bright beam of sunlight filtering through the trees:

A few of my favorite portraits from the day:

The traditions and ceremony were mostly Western in nature, but there were some gorgeous Eastern outfits worn by Tom’s family and friends. The colors and detail are amazing!

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day:

I like these next couple of moments during the ceremony:

Flowers by Flowers by Myrna in Piedmont:

I loved the antique detail in April’s ring, and this is one of my favorite ringshots to date!:

Something about the kids and the beams of sunlight filtering through the trees really works for me in this one:

They had a bunch of yummy little cakes instead of one big one, and the main one they were cutting into had some pyrotechnics for a little extra drama:

Good times with Tom and his Dad:

First Dance:

Dance floor fun:

Tom’s Mom is awesome, she was out there having a great time dancing with the kids, and she even stopped me at one point to wipe down my head with her sari, when she saw I was sweating shooting on the dancefloor.

I just thought this was funny. He just couldn’t resist himself: 🙂

He gets all the ladies. I like the western/eastern dresses too:

Congratulations you two! Thanks for sharing your day with me!


  • Tom Joseph - Your photo’s are so amazing! It’s like reliving the entire event through these photo glimpses.I can’t wait to see the rest of the images.  Our anticipation for your photos nearly equaled our anticipation for the wedding ;-)tom joseph

  • April Joseph - Tom and the boys and I looked at your photos together, you are such an amazing photographer! What a sweet picture of Tom helping Ian get ready! You have such a talent for capturing the moments people share and when we look at the photos they absolutely take us back to that day! You couldn’t have given us a sweeter gift 🙂 Thank you Clifford!

  • Loretta Watt - These photos are stunning! They capture not only the beauty of that special day, but also the beauty of this very special couple and family. Thanks.

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