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Tracy + Scott | Engaged!

A couple weeks ago we got to spend some time with Tracy and Scott, getting to know them a bit better, and exploring Alamo Square. We had a great time, and made some really cool images! I really enjoyed the mix of nature and classic SF architecture at the Square.

It doesn’t get more San Francisco than this:

I’m struggling to pick a favorite image this time. It’s either this one….

….or this one. Any tie breakers out there? 🙂 I think I love sun flare and silhouettes equally.

Thanks for spending this time with us! We’re looking forward to your wedding!


  • //ed & monica pingol - such sweet images of the seven sisters. =) love them!

  • Tracy Scheidtmann - Hi Cliff — the preview pictures are wonderful! Thank you! Captured exactly what we wanted on a fall day in S.F. We shared them with my folks over Thanksgiving, and they loved them too. Looking forward to seeing the full slideshow!

  • rebecca - i don’t have a favorite, all the pictures are beautiful!!!

  • Cliff - Hi Tracy! I’m glad you and your family are as happy with the images as I am!

    Thanks for the comments Ed, Monica, and Rebecca!

  • manus - like the full house shot.

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