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Ha + Sy | Engaged!

A few weeks back we had the chance to spend some time with Ha and Sy on the UC Berkeley campus, a place where they’ve spent a lot of time. We first met Ha and Sy at Tuyet and Duy’s wedding back in June, and they booked us for their wedding this upcoming June! It was an absolutely glorious day for a November weekend, as perfect as it gets.

OK on to the images!

Fun with long shadows…

This shot at the Campanile is totally epic. Love it.

I was digging the light in the next two:

This was a fun shot to make:

I really like the feel of this one:

There’s a huge grid of headshots setup on campus that we just had to play with a bit:

Thanks for hanging out with us you two, we really enjoyed our time together! Looking forward to your wedding this June!


  • Nawal Badran - Absolutely breath-taking. I loved every single one of them. I can’t wait to get married and ask you kindly to be our photographer!
    That was just amazing, I am speechless.

  • ha - guys! thank you so much for a wonderful day! had a lot of fun. I think my fav is #5…no, the epic one…i can’t decide! can’t wait till june…

  • Goly - I agree with Nawal… They are all just so beautiful! 🙂

  • Nicole White - Ha you look absolutely gorgeous. Sy you’re hot too. I am so excited for you two. The pics are fabulous and timeless.

  • Sy - heck of job Cliff, you make me look good. ahhh… the magic of photography 🙂
    Thanks for a great experience and look forward to June.

  • vi - VERY NICE.  beautiful colors.  1, 2, and last are my favorites.  the last one is so artsy –  you guys should def use it!!  the photographer was able to make a. sy look good 🙂
    the only problem i have is w/ the fact that these were taken in bezerkely – eh, i guess i can deal….

  • Deepti - Dearest Ha and Sy-I am in love with these pics.  They are so ROMANTIC.  I am in love with your love! I wish you two the best!  Deeps

  • quyen - i love the warm colors. my favorites are no. 1 and 8. you should have the Cal band at your wedding. =) jk or not…

  • Tuyet - Man…i wanna get married again.  I’m as speechless as i was the first time i looked into Cliff’s work.  Both Ha and Sy look so natural and everything else make the pictures look so effortless yet so powerful.  I love how each picture has a whole story to tell.Can’t wait ’til your big day, Ha&Sy!!!Tuyet–

  • sharon - oh la la…lots of kissy face!  DO!  ahhhahahaa.  🙂  i love ALL of the photos!  #8 and the last one are my faves.  what a fine lookin’ couple, mang!  

  • randy - these photos are AWESOME!

  • Ryann - Honestly stunning.  I think they should all make the cover of some incredible “love” magazine, but number 5 takes the cake…made me cry the first time I saw it….you guys are beautiful!  I’m with Deeps, I’m in love with your love!  Ha, you better watch out!  Hugs!

  • adam (3) - rad session.
    love the 6 up from the bottom….keep rockin’

  • david jackson - Cliff, you are truly talented my friend! Truly. I hope your ears were ringing last week, cause Michael Howard and I were talking about you when I was visiting him in Nashville.

    So good.

  • Cliff - Thanks Dave! I wish I could have been there to shoot with you guys, both of your stuff was awesome!

  • manus - great job.. awesome lighting!!

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