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Engaged! | Elizabeth + Bryan

This past weekend we had the chance to hang out with Elizabeth + Bryan on a spectacular day in SF to make some engagement images. We had a great time exploring one of my favorite parts of SF and getting to know each other better. I also had some shiny new cameras to play with which is always fun. 🙂

They have an obviously strong connection, and were very comfortable in front of my camera. We had quite a few laughs, and I loved the natural feel that lent to the images. I can’t think of a better way to spend a couple of hours on a warm weekend day in the city. On to the pics!






These next 2 are similar, but I loved both expressions way too much to let one go.




This is tied for being my favorite image from the shoot!






This is my other fav!



Thanks for taking the time to check them out!


  • Kirstie - The photograph of him kissing her forehead in the grass is absolutely gorgeous. It’s perfection. A beautiful series of images.

  • Elizabeth - The pictures look great! The colors are just gorgeous. I especially adore the picture of Bryan kissing my forehead. Thanks so much for everything. 🙂

  • Bryan - Great pictures! I love the picture of me kissing her forehead. It looks simply amazing! Thanks for the pictures and for a great time!

  • Nicole - Love the ones in the trees and the last two. Well, all of them are amazing, but those are my favorites. They’re a beautiful couple!

  • Heather - I too love the spiderman kiss photo. There are also some incredible tree shots. I can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Cliff - Thanks for taking the time to comment! I have a soft spot for the “Spiderman Kiss” shot too. It seemed especially relevant in Bryan’s case. 🙂

  • Alicia - These pictures are great! The picture of them holding hands and looking at each other along the wall is a moment I have seen them share so many times. I love that you were able to capture it.

  • Manus Chau - i like your other fav. very nice shot!

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