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San Francisco | Window Walk

Malarie and I were doing a little walking around the city and I decided to bring the camera along. I had a little fun with some of the eclectic window displays we stumbled upon along the way. I think it’s especially funny that the first three are unintentionally wedding related.

Damn. It was just my birthday a couple weeks ago. To think I missed out on the free “hem pants”.



I think this is the most depressed mannequin I’ve ever seen. I’d be depressed if I had to wear a red suit too.


I’m not sure if having the flag in a dog’s mouth is a patriotic or unpatriotic statement. Scary either way. 🙂


A self portrait of sorts…


Thanks for checking ’em out!


  • Blake - the washer/dryer ports and seat back reminds me of that “smile” commercial (where they find smiles in objects…)

    made me smile!

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