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Ha + Sy | Married! – St Joseph’s Basilica and Corinthian Grand Ballroom

You may remember Ha + Sy from their most excellent engagement session on the Berkeley campus back in the Fall. We also remember them from Tuyet and Duy’s wedding a little over a year ago, where we first met when they were part of the bridal party. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, Tuyet and Duy have a beautiful new child, and it’s Ha + Sy’s turn to be wed. It was a really amazing day. Vietnamese weddings have so much color, tradition, and pride in the faces of the families of the couple. The families are extremely warm and friendly, and always sought to insure we were well fed! It was also a new record for the amount of time we’ve spent on a wedding day (14 hours) and how many images we’d shot (well over 3000). Don’t worry Ha and Sy, you won’t have to go through that many, I’ll narrow it way down. 🙂 If I’m not mistaken, this is my largest wedding blog post ever as well!

We start with Ha’s preparation for the tea ceremony, where she puts on her beautiful traditional outfit.



I love this last look in the mirror before heading out:




Sy is prepping for the tea ceremony, but I don’t think that’s tea!


Some amazing details from the ceremony:


Some moments during the ceremony:


Some details from the prep for the church wedding at the beautiful St Joseph’s Cathedral :


Sy getting prepped using the video guy’s light for a little drama.


Ha getting into the gown by Sottero & Midgley:



Sy, you’re a lucky guy! 🙂


Love this shot by Malarie of the flowergirls going down the aisle.



One of my favorite parts of a big mass ceremony is how the kids pass the time, so I always keep my eyes peeled for them. Seriously, how freaking cute are these kids?






On to the portraits!



There were some gorgeous trees in bloom nearby that I couldn’t resist.


These next couple are from their reception venue, the Corinthian Center. It was a really great classic feeling space.


I think this one is my favorite.


Here’s a bunch of details from the reception, it was a pretty awesome space and setup! That super cool cake was from Bijan Bakery. :


Toast reaction:



Ha + Sy sang a song to each other on stage, it was great!



A series from the first dance.




Bouquet time!



Fun on the dance floor!




A parting shot of the venue. I’m digging the spotlight!


Ha + Sy, thank you so much for choosing us to share this amazing day with you, it’s been a lot of fun getting to know you and your families! We hope you’re enjoying Hawaii!


  • vi - stunning photos, cliff! you captured the day BEAUTIFULLY. these are amazing. can’t say enough. can’t wait to see the rest of them!

    ~ the bride’s sister

  • Ryann - CLIFF!! Those pics are amazing!! Can you come to So Cal and shot my wedding!!?? It helps that Ha and Sy are stunning people who put on an awesome wedding!!

  • Cliff - Thanks Vi and Ryann!

    Ryann, I travel where ever my client pays to take me! 🙂 I’ll send you an email!

  • ha - even though we’re in maui, i told sy that i had to go check out your photos again…and again. i left him in the hotel 🙂 I LOVE how vibrant each photo is and how it captures the moment. we had an amazing time! thank you SO MUCH! <3

  • Sy - Cliff & Malarie – Thanks so much for capturing all the best moments of our best day.

  • Cliff - Thanks Ha and Sy!

  • Tuyet + Duy - Oh my…i just wanna get married AGAIN 🙂
    Cliff + Malarie you guys did a great job…like you always do!
    My favorite is the one Ha is getting ready to toss the bouquet. It could be a Bridal Magazine cover.
    Love them!!!


  • Wedding: Ha + Sy = Cool Cats! | Ayentography - […] Wedding: Ha + Sy = Cool Cats! Posted by Ayentography on Aug 11th, 2009 in Uncategorized | 0 comments So a couple months ago I was asked to take some photos at a friend’s wedding here in San Jose. I did have two questions: Am I the main photographer and how will I get paid? Vi, Ha’s sister, told me, no, that I would not be the main photographer. My response? Thank God! I can’t handle that kind of pressure! I can play second fiddle, even third fiddle, to a professional while I toil around pretending to be the man. No problem there! As far as payment? I requested food. I was offered food. (SWEET!) And boy, did I get a bunch of it! I think I had four pieces, maybe five pieces, of wedding cake before the night was over. Oh yeah, and tons of wine. I get a slight buzz just thinking about it. Anyway, Ha and Sy had a beautiful ceremony in downtown San Jose and a great reception nearby as well! It was a great day and here are some of my favorite shots. BTW, the main photographer was a fellow by the name of Cliff Brunk. This guy is the man! Check out his AWESOME, INCREDIBLE photos of Ha and Sy’s wedding here! […]

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