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Jennifer + Jason | Engaged!

We recently got to meet and hang out with Jennifer and Jason for the first time, and they are some cool peeps! They live in SoCal, but they have roots here, and will be having the wedding in the Bay Area.

They’re of the urban sort, so we decided to spend some time in the streets of the Mission here in the city. There’s no shortage of interesting backdrops here, and they were looking fantastic!


I couldn’t resist.


This might be my fav of the day, or at least tied. That’s our little Vespa making an appearance. I brought her along to play with in a few shots. She’s a 1959 with a more modern 150 engine and 4 speed retrofitted for those fellow scooter geeks out there.





More graffiti fun!





We got a lucky little spot of sun right where I wanted it.


This may be my other favorite.





We were finished with the shoot and walking back to the cars, and we came upon some fantastic warm and low sunlight that I just couldn’t resist. You have no idea how happy I get when I have the combination of sweet light and a gorgeous couple like this in front of my lens. I practically jump up and down. In fact, I may have actually jumped up and down.


Thanks so much for hanging out with us, we had a great time and can’t wait for the wedding!


  • Augie Chang - Good work Cliff! I heard u are gonna shoot their wedding. I met Jen and Jason last week at Jen’s sister’s (Emily) wedding! Beautiful couple! Have a blast!!

  • Jenn and Jason - We love these pictures! We had a great time shooting with you and Malarie. You know you have a dedicated photographer when he’s willing to lie in the street gutter on shards of glass to get the perfect shot! We can’t wait for the wedding photos 🙂

  • Cliff - Thanks Augie! Small world eh? I look forward to seeing what you did with her sister’s wedding, I loved shooting at the Palm.

  • Cliff - LOL Jenn and Jason! If it wasn’t for Malarie warning me about where I’m laying/what I’m lying on, I’m sure I’d be due for a Tetanus shot. 🙂 When I’m into it I’m just not paying attention to those things! I’m glad you’re both happy with the images!

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