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Jacqueline + Elliot | Married!

We had the great pleasure of spending a few hours with Jacqueline + Elliot a couple weeks back.  We were only there for the portraits and ceremony, but the honest concentration of emotion I witnessed left quite an impression on me.

We started by setting up a “first sight” moment in one of my favorite nearby portrait spots, and they were so overjoyed to see eachother!  They were so genuinely sweet and tender together they were making me nearly cry!



Really love the drama here!


Jacqueline’s expression makes this one.



I liked this one alot.  I had them setup in a slightly different pose, and Jacqueline took this little moment to nuzzle her soon to be hubby.


No one can say I’m not committed to getting the shot I want!  Malarie had my 2nd camera while I was up in the tree so she got me in action.  Truthfully I wanted to go higher, but it seemed like it might be a bad idea since I hadn’t yet shot the ceremony. 🙂


Here’s the resulting shot.  Well worth the effort!


Pretty epic!Berkeley_Wedding_Photographer-13

I have a feeling this is something Elliot does often.  It was a really sweet gesture, and I think I saw him do it 4 or 5 times during my time with them.


This was just before Jacqueline was supposed to head down the aisle to join Elliot.  She and her dad couldn’t resist taking a peek!  I think this is my favorite shot of the day.



It was an emotional and very personal ceremony.  This particular officiant has a really great presence and personality.  We’ve worked with him before at Kiyomi and Lan’s wedding a little over a year ago.  You have to be good to go from tears…Berkeley_Wedding_Photographer-19

……to laughter this fast!  These were literally taken about 3 seconds apart.Berkeley_Wedding_Photographer-20

I really dig the feel of this shot of the ring blessing.


This is Malarie’s shot, and it’s one of my favorite shots of the day.  Great job Wifey!  This is right after the kiss when they’re getting ready to head down the aisle.  Jacqueline’s MOH/Mom looks on.Berkeley_Wedding_Photographer-22

Before the family shots the happy couple snuck away for a quiet moment alone, or nearly alone at least.


Then the girls caught up with Jacqueline.


Thanks so much Elliot and Jacqueline for sharing this time with us, I hope your honeymoon in Thailand was as fantastic as it sounded like it was going to be!


  • Susan - WOW! These photos are fabulous!

  • Jacqueline - Cliff and Malarie! Elliot and I are in love with these photos!! The day I married Elliot was the best day of my life and you captured that so genuinely!

    You were SO easy and fun to work with and your talent/detailed eye blow me away: Love the ring blessing photo; Love the ones you got of me and my dad and then of my girlfriends; Love the goofy shot of you in the tree – Thanks Malarie!; Love the shots during the homily. You both go above and beyond in such an easy-going manner. I can’t wait to see the rest! Elliot and I are so happy and honored to have worked with you! Thank you so much! We will treasure these!

  • Irene ErkenBrack - j—-

    i knew there would be photos you would be happy with!

    what amazing proof (and proofs hehe) right here.

    i xx

  • Chelo - Very amazing!

  • Malarie - We truly enjoyed sharing this special day with you!

  • Royal & Dolores Nottleson - Dear Elliot and Jacqueline:

    Congratulations and Best Wishes!!! These pictures are fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. The two of you make a beautiful couple. You can see the deep love you have for each other. We wish you the greatest happiness.

    Uncle Royal & Aunt Dolores

  • Mollie Smith - Just wanted to tell you that your pictures are beautiful Jacque and Elliot! The pictures are unique and very “in-the-moment.” Love those kind. Have a fabulous honeymoon and Congrats! –Mollie Smith

  • Cliff - Thanks Jacqueline for such an amazing comment!

  • Dennis Bullock - These are so amazing Cliff!

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