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Sophia + Albert | Married! – Palmdale Estates Wedding

We recently joined Albert + Sophia at their wedding at the Palmdale Estates in Fremont.  I had no idea this place was there, but it was a really lush and beautiful spot!  Sophia and Albert came in from NYC, and they’ve got a fantastic sense of style! I loved all of their fashion choices, very chic.

We picked up with them right before the ceremony, and things were running a little behind so I grabbed a cool portrait of Albert before we did their “first sight”.

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-01

I always love shooting the expressions in the first sight moments!

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-02Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-03Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-04

We had a little bit of time for some portraits, so we started out inside:

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-05Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-06

Love this one!Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-07Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-08

Waiting for the ceremony to start:

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-09

There were kids everywhere all day and they were super adorable.  Look at that hair!

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-10Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-11

Not a bad spot for a ceremony eh?

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-12Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-13

A few portraits after the ceremony:

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-14Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-15Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-16

Here’s the deets:  Albert is very talented graphic designer and did all of the print pieces himself.  The florals are by Katharina Stuart who we’ve worked with in the past and always does beautiful work.


Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-17

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-18

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-20

While I was shooting the toasts, Malarie was shooting the kids that were playing away from the group.  I really love the next 2 that are hers:

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-19Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-21

This one’s mine, I liked the airborne hair.Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-22

They had a big multimedia slideshow that kept everyone entertained.

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-23

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-24Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-25Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-26

I think this is my favorite, this kid was hilarious!

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-27Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-28

The kids had a little dance showdown, they were actually really good!

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-29

I’m pretty sure she won.

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-30

This one cracked me up!

Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-31Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-32

A parting Venue shot:Palmdale Estates_Wedding_Photographer-33

Thanks for having us along for the ride Sophia and Albert!


  • Sophia - These shots are amazing Cliff! You really captured the essence of the day. Thank you so much!

  • Cliff - Thanks Sophia! I’m happy you’re enjoying the preview!

  • Katharina Stuart - Hi Cliff,

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful. As always!
    I would love to have some for my portfolio.
    And thank you so much for the flower credit.


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