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Elizabeth + Bryan | Married! – St Mary’s and Marine’s Memorial Club Wedding

We had a fantastic wedding just a couple weeks ago, and it’s time to share!  Elizabeth and Bryan might look familiar if you’re a regular follower, we had an awesome engagement session with them a while back, and we were eagerly awaiting their wedding.  They didn’t disappoint!

I loved this getting ready room at the Kensington Park Hotel, the Royal Suite.  The blue walls, zebra carpet, and other goodies made it a blast to shoot in!


Checking out the back of her hair.  Getting this motion shot sharp was a big victory, as it’s not an easy one to get at F1.2!


This totally cracked me up.  Just an innocent dress adjustment people. 🙂


One of my favs.  She was having her veil put on and I was drawn to the light and framing.


First sight moments are always fantastic.


We had to take advantage of that cool room for some portraits!




The bridal party!



I love this image.  In the limo ride to the venue I took a number of similar shots when I saw the reflection potential, this was the only one where the stars aligned.


Bryan became totally overwhelmed with emotion when he saw Elizabeth come down the aisle, it was extremely touching.  Here he is recovering.


The ceremony was at Old St Mary’s just of of Chinatown in SF.  We had to use it for a backdrop for a few portraits after the ceremony.


This is one of my favorite groomsmen images ever.


We braved Chinatown on a Saturday to get this shot.  No easy feat, but they did it like pros, and I didn’t get hit by a car. Bonus.


The details!  Check out that gorgeous Maggie Soterro gown!  I also had fun shooting the shoes with all of those funky room details, so forgive me if there’s more shoe shots than usual. 🙂


I really dig this ring shot.  You’d never guess in a million years what surface we used! 🙂


First Dance:


Elizabeth and Bryan’s Dad on the dance floor.


A parting venue shot:


Thanks so much for having us along for the ride!  I hope Paris was amazing and that you made it to Pierre Herme!  I know we will when we head there in Nov!


  • Brandi - Beautiful work as always.. A really stunning couple and you can just see the joy on their faces 🙂

  • Sarah Neal - That makeup shot is insainly cool! The whole wedding is amazing. I’m always shocked that you don’t have 50 comments on your posts!

  • Monica - Beautiful work Cliff! Can’t wait for you to do our wedding. 🙂 I’m wondering, what was the surface the rings were shot on?

  • Elizabeth - Cliff, the pictures are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for capturing our wedding so beautifully. You work never ceases to amaze me. The pictures look like you spend hours setting up just the right shots for some of those awesome effects (like the mirror shots and limo ride) and yet in reality you didn’t pose any of it – so these images felt like a complete (and wonderful)surprise. I honestly don’t know which is my favorite. I can’t wait to see the rest!!!

  • Carla - I am speechless(and that doesn’t happen often!). As mother of the bride, I could not be more pleased at your outstanding photography. My daughter told me you were fantastic, but as they say…”a picture is worth a thousand words”.You are a true artist and I so look forward to seeing more of your creative,unbelievable photos of Elizabeth’s and Bryan’s special day.

  • Heather - Cliff- beautiful pictures! Thank you (and Malarie) for being such a wonderful part of the day. You are both incredible at what you do and are a lot of fun to be around. It was great to meet you both! Love the shot with me up the bride’s dress- I got as much action as the groom! What was the ring shot surface?

  • Bryan - Great job Cliff. Thank you for being a part of our special day and I am so happy that you were able to capture the magic of the entire event. As for the makeup show; it’s simply amazing. Thanks again!

  • Meg - What gorgeous pictures! I especially love the one of the bride in the limo looking out the window.

  • meg - These photos are really amazing. Such wonderful attention to detail and really original shots. I’ve never spent so long looking at wedding photos.

  • Cliff - Thanks so much for the incredible comments everyone! Are you really going to make me give away the ring shot secret? OK, fine. It was the gold charger from underneath my dinner plate! Full credit goes to Malarie for that find! She usually gets the task of finding an interesting spot to shoot the rings, and she didn’t disappoint! 🙂

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