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I don’t usually do this kind of post, but October was a HUGE month for us, (not complaining!) and we’re gearing up for a little vacation of our own, so the poor blog has been a little neglected even though there’s a ton of stuff I’m dying to share!  When I have to choose between getting work complete for clients, and sharing images on the blog, my clients are always going to win.  That being said, I’ve decided to steal a few minutes to share two images from each wedding currently in the cue, one moment and one portrait.  There’s also one awesome engagement image added in for good measure.  Full posts for these fantastic weddings will begin when we’re back from vacation at the end of the month!

Kristin and Omar:

San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-1

San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-2

Ashley and Jim:

San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-3San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-4

Brenna and Jon:

San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-5

Jessica and Justin:

San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-6San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-7

Rebecca and Faisal:

San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-9

San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-8

Kristin and Billy

San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-11

San Francisco_Wedding_Photographer-10

Thanks to all my fabulous clients and loyal readers!  We’ll pick up where we left off in a couple of weeks!


  • sedona bride {destination wedding photographers} - always enjoy catching up on the great imagery on your blog… that first shot is great… especially with the layering …. also love the over of the ceremony with the water… so much better than going just tight on the bride and groom because you can see all the emotion from the guests and gorgeous backdrop. and that group portrait shot at night is fabulous… they are all really fantastic… beautiful and interesting work as usual!

  • imthiaz houseman - i can only image how hard it was to narrow it down to 2 photos each. fantastic images! every image is perfect. well done.

  • Billy - Thanks Cliff! They all look great and we are excited about the two shots you put up from our wedding. We can’t wait to see the rest! Enjoy your vacation.

  • Matthias Photography - Cliff- great work once again. I just added you to my list of current favorite top ten photographers. I am a wedding photographer who is beginning a blog that will not only display my own work, but also be a resource for people who are interested in educating themselves in wedding photography. I set up a list of 10 photographers I consistently follow and wanted to let you know you’r there. check it at httph://

  • Brandon Wong - Stumbled upon your site through the WPJA. Some really awesome shots on the portfolio page, keep up the good work!

  • Zack Arias - Cliff… You jerk.

    You really are one of the best, best, best, best wedding photographers that I know of. I swear you kick the ass of nearly everyone in those magazine top 10 lists. Your talent is unbelievable.


  • Cliff - Thanks everyone! Zack, thanks for the props man, it means a lot!

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