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Ashley + Jim | Married! – Westin St. Francis Wedding

This wedding was a little extra fun for me as Ashley and I go WAY back, we were co-workers back in the days before I made my living with photography.  We’d just re-connected after a hiatus via Facebook where she saw my work, and coincidentally she happened to be planning her wedding.  The rest is history!  She’s always been hilarious and very expressive so I knew we’d have some fun images from her day.  She didn’t disappoint!

They had their wedding at the Westin St Francis in San Francisco, which always puts on an elegant SF wedding.

Something about this one I really like, it seems quiet and contemplative.

I love all the action in this one, like she’s being pulled both ways.

This may actually be my favorite of the day.


The details!

I really liked the set from the father/daughter dance.  You can really sense their closeness, and they really seemed to enjoy each other.

Ashley’s Dad with Jim’s Mom.

Thanks so much for sharing your day with us, and thanks to Facebook for reconnecting us! 🙂


  • Manus Chau - how do you do those aerial cake shots? good stuff.

  • Cliff - A camera held up high, and a small prayer that I don’t drop it!

  • sam hurd - love the posed group shots. how do you light such a big group so evenly and well?

  • Cliff - It’s all about staggering for line of sight to the light source.

  • Sam Hurd - cool…did you just use a single strobe for those? shot through a soft box of some kind?

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