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Rebecca + Faisal | Married! – Brazilian Room Wedding

Rebecca and Faisal had a lovely intimate affair a little while back at the Brazilian Room in the Berkeley Hills.  They may look familiar from their engagement session if you’ve been following for a while.  The day was a lot of fun, everyone was very close and many of their friends are musicians and dancers so it was a very lively reception!  I always enjoy being right in the action so I had a great time!

Love all the reactions to Rebecca’s makeup.

We set up a great first sight moment.

I think this was the fastest portrait session I’ve ever had, I think we only ended up with about 5 minutes!  Beautiful backdrop.

The details:

This was the most challenging bridal party portrait I’ve ever done.  The timing for this was after the sun had already gone down, and it was pitch black outside.  In fact, the power for the venue had gone out, so I had to use my battery powered lights just so I could see them at all, and I had to to jump up and down and yell so they knew where the camera was!  To get color in the sky I had Malarie light everyone individually and did a separate long exposure.  This is a combo of several separate frames.  I loved the result, glad it worked! 🙂

One of my favorite dancing images ever.

Loved this girl.  She decided it was her duty to carry the dress around the reception.

Lost in thought staring at the fire.  I wonder what he was thinking?

Faisal and his Dad did a performance together, and I snuck out back to get an interesting angle.

The action on the dance floor was so much fun to shoot!

The action was a little much for these guys!

Thanks so much to Rebecca and Faisal for sharing their day with us!


  • rebecca - I love all these photos so much!! I have so many favorites, you have such a great eye. Thank you so much Cliff. I especially like the first look and portrait session, I’m glad we decided to do all those before the actual ceremony.

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