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Jessica + Justin | Married! – SF Fairmont & Cliff House Wedding

A little while ago we were invited to shoot Jessica and Justin’s wedding at the Cliff House at Ocean Beach in SF.  Jessica and Justin already had one of my very favorite engagement sessions of the year, so I knew the wedding was going to be fabulous.  They certainly didn’t disappoint! Jessica is wonderfully expressive, Justin is a dapper fella, and their families were absolutely hilarious!

We started things off at the Fairmont Hotel.  She was already ready for the most part when I was scheduled to arrive, but I got this right after she got in the dress.  Sarah Morris did the hair, and she always does a stellar job.  I highly recommend her!

Love this!

We shot a few in the lobby and then headed over to Huntington Square.

One of my favorite portraits of the season.

Grace Cathedral in the background. A little bit of Paris in San Francisco.

Jessica and her dad walking up to the ceremony.  Masoud the event coordinator for the Cliff House in the background.

Love this first kiss!  Not a bad background for a ceremony eh?


The details.  Check out those hot shoes!

Some great reactions during the toasts!  To protect the innocent, I won’t mention what was said to get the last 2 reactions from Justin.

Jessica and Justin’s sister.  They already seemed like family.

Jessica’s dad was such a character!

Justin’s dad had a great time too!

Thanks Jessica and Justin for having us along, we had a great time!


  • Ryan - Great coverage man! You’ve got some really well lit shots in there with some sweet compositions. Nicely done.

  • Cliff - Thanks Ryan!

  • Mark - Love the shot of Jessica with Justin’s sister. Great moment, nice lighting.

  • Cliff - Thanks much Mark!

  • Sarah Morris - Thanks so much for the kind words and recommendation Cliff! It was great to finally see you at one of our jobs=) Jessica and her party were so fun to work with.

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