The first “real” post to kick off the new look is a great one!  I recently got to shoot Liberty + Mike’s engagement session @ the super cool Flora Grubb.  I’ve been dying to shoot here ever since I first saw a post on one of the multitude of design blogs that I follow that featured their vertical succulent gardens.  Once I actually made a visit I knew it was going to be the backdrop for a very special shoot.  Liberty and Mike are from out of state, so they had to trust me that it was going to make for some memorable images, and I’m happy they took a chance for me!  The place is a total photographer’s (and plant lovers) dream!  I not so secretly covet one of those succulent walls, and if we could find a way to make it work inside, we’d have to have one.  Looks like I may be back there to chat with their team sooner rather than later.

A big thanks to Matthias for volunteering to come along to assist and help provide comic relief, it was a big help!

We’ll start off with one of my favorites:

There’s the aforementioned vertical garden.

We couldn’t resist doing our take on American Gothic, is that not the coolest rake you’ve ever seen?

Love their expressions in this one.

C’mon when do you ever get to play with a grid of colorful chairs?

I love this series with the truck, and I can’t decide on my favorite.

It’s either this one….

….or this one.

Great natural light, and great natural laugh, tough to top.

Great seeing you again Liberty and Mike, we’re looking forward to May!



  • You knocked this one out of the park Cliff. that first shot with the car is off the hook. Your tilt-shift love and lighting really sets you apart. It was great to hang for the afternoon.

  • Thanks Matthias!

  • This is so great. I love every photo, but I’ll say my two favorites would have to be her sitting on the hood of the truck, and the one with the two heart chairs facing you. Very well done!

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