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Renita + Glenn | Married! – Heavenly Lake Tahoe Wedding

Renita and Glenn were married back in October at the now snow covered Heavenly Lake Tahoe Ski Resort.  Besides the stunning natural landscape, it was a prefect match as they are avid snowboarders.  We were very happy to be there on such a spectacular day!

The guys house was a really good time!

Steaming is hungry work.

They have such a natural ease and comfort level together, portraits were so easy and natural.

Pretty certain this is my favorite of the day.

Not too shabby a place for a wedding!  That’s the ski lift by the way.

Poor guy never saw it coming.

Lots of emotion during the dancing.  They are totally lost in this moment together.

More emotion to be had during the father/daughter dance.

Thank you so much for inviting to be a part of your day.


  • Kristin, Lubbock Wedding Photographer - Hi, Cliff.

    I have a snowy wedding coming up this month in Colorado. You’ve inspired me to look for the surroundings even more. Sometimes, places in the mountains aren’t the prettiest and very rustic, but it shouldn’t matter, they are part of the story. You’ve done a beautiful job. (as always)


  • Glenn - Cliff,

    These look spectacular! Renita will be embarrassed by all of her ’emotion’ 🙂

    I really like the night shot from outside of the dining area, the contrast in colors is fantastic and the scenery is, well, the scenery.

    Thanks also for capturing (in such detail) the hand full of cake to my face…priceless!

    Thanks again, and can’t wait to see the fancy book!

  • Renita - Cliff,

    Thanks for sharing these pics! I absolutely love the picture of the shadows on the rock, and the one of Glenn in his boxers with the “rock on” gesture always makes me laugh. The quality of your pictures far surpassed all of my expectations. This is only a very small percentage of incredible shots you took that day, and I am extremely happy with all of them. I’m so glad you were available to shoot our wedding. I wouldn’t have wanted to trust our special day to anyone else. You did an amazing job!

    Thanks for everything!


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