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We’re Home!: Part 2

Here are the second set of images for this week!

This tiny church is nearly 1000 years old, and is next door to Malarie’s Dad’s place. This is actually taken from his yard. Amazing.

The pride of the former Yugoslavia:

These guys were sea snails. You can actually buy them by the bag at the market in town. We (when I say “we” I mean Malarie’s Dad) prepared them by chopping them up and cooking them in a sauce to eat with pasta. Suprisingly yummy. 🙂

This guy was the proverbial “early bird” and was on the hunt:

Thanks for looking, see you tomorrow!


  • Audra - Nice, Cliff. I like the net in the red bag and also the geraniums reaching through the bars. Those two and the rest of them of course. LOL! I’ll be watching for tomorrow’s installment!

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