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New Book Offering!

I recently designed this as a sample to show off a new line of books that I’m very excited to be offering. This will soon be joining the lineup on the pricelist officially, and is available now for any of my current and future clients who are interested in a purchase or an upgrade. Please contact me for details. 🙂

These books have a thinner page than my Custom Leather Albums, but thicker than my previous offering for a “coffee table” type book. I would describe the page thickness as similar to a card stock weight. The pages are completely matte, which to me gives a really modern, high end feel. The pages are also full, creased pages, meaning there is no page break in the middle, and thus I am able to design full spreads rather than individual pages. There is a photo cover, that has a nice subtle texture and a satin finish. Pretty sweet!

I designed this one as a Guest Book, which is meant to show off your Engagement images at your wedding, and is designed with generous white space so your guests can leave their well wishes. I even supply the proper pen for the job, although they’re so nice you might not want anyone to write in it!

This particular book was designed from Kiyomi and Lan’s awesome Engagement session. Stay tuned for their wedding in late June!

The same type of book can be used to feature your wedding images as well.

This image shows how the new book compares to the Custom Leather Album (bottom), and my current coffee table type book (top).

I will follow up this post soon with some info about the Custom Leather Album as well since many of my current clients who booked a while back may not have had the chance to view them yet.

Thanks for viewing, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new book! Please take a moment to comment below!


  • Dennis - Wow these are great looking. Not too small but not huge and bulky. Can you email me with the vendor?

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