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Free wedding coverage on June 16th and 17th at SF City Hall!

As most people by now probably know there has recently been a decision in the California Supreme Court that overturned a ban on same sex marriages in California. I wholeheartedly support this decision, and as a wedding photographer have a tangible way to show my support for these couples wishing to be joined in a legal marriage.

At 5:01 on June 16th this decision will go into effect, and at least here in San Francisco they will be immediately commencing the weddings at City Hall. There is supposed to be an unprecedented number of weddings per day, 250+ by some estimations. They will even be extending their hours and bringing in volunteers to help handle the huge demand.

To offer my support for these couples who have waited so long for this right, and to be a part of this historic milestone, I would love to offer my services free to couples who value photography on June 16th and June 17th for weddings taking place at City Hall. I would be happy to offer up to a 2 hour coverage of the event, an online gallery, and a free 8×10 print. This is a value of $875.

I honestly have no idea if anyone will take me up on this, but I really want to reach out and make the gesture. I will do as many as can be scheduled on the 16th and 17th on a first come, first serve basis.

If interested please leave a comment below with your email address or fill out my Contact form on my main website Brunk Photography to schedule your time!

I welcome any support my readers might be able to provide in getting the word out there that I’m making this available!

Thank you!


  • Kimberley Bednarski Anderson - You are too cool for school, Cliff Brunk. Rock on.

  • Ariel - I just posted about this on my blog — hopefully we’ll get your weekend booked up in no time! 🙂

  • Cliff - Thanks Kim! 🙂

    Thanks a bunch Ariel! I appreciate the help!

  • Cat - you are a wonderful human being!!!

  • erin antognoli - this is awesome cliff! now if only dc / md / va would follow suit, i could take care of this coast. you are great to do this!

  • Nicole Maron - I just heard about your offer from a friend. What a wonderful thing you are doing! Thank you for being a bright light in a sea of murky bigotry. I will also link to you from my blog.

  • Cliff - Thanks all for the support, and helping to get to word out!

  • Sabrina - Shout out from New Zealand: good on you for using your time and skills to support something you believe in! It is so heartening to see. No doubt you will be run off your feet that weekend!

  • Cherie - That is incredibly generous. I cannot believe I have to pass up your offer! My partner and I are not in town, but we’ll keep you in mind for our special day. Will you be posting the pictures you take on the 16th and 17th? I’d love to see some. Thank you so much for your support and keep up the amazingly beautiful work!

  • Cliff - Thanks Sabrina and Cherie! I’ll definately be posting photos if people take me up on the offer!

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