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Lan + Kiyomi | Married!

This past Saturday we had the absolute pleasure of getting to spend our day at Kiyomi and Lan’s Wedding in Berkeley. You may remember them from their Engagement session. They are as much fun as ever, and that part of their personalities radiated all day.

Check her out!

How cute is this guy:

Sneaking a peek:

They gave me some time to make some great portraits, so we took advantage and I found a spot with a killer view of San Francisco:

Sorry ladies, the guy in middle is taken. I’m not sure about the other two though. 🙂

The flowers were by Moe’s Flowers in Berkeley:

The bridesmaids did an awesome hat dance! Love it!

They brought some mean moves to the dance floor! They had a fantastic routine worked out for their 1st dance.

There was a photo booth complete with costumes, and I caught the happy couple. I just stuck my lens in the curtain, not sure if they knew I was there or not.

Kiyomi and Lan, we’ve had so much fun working with you guys that we’re sad there’s no more shooting to do! Congratulations, and have a fabulous honeymoon in Japan!


Other wedding info:

Dress: Vera Wang
Reception: HS Lordship
Cakes: Schubert’s Bakery
Makeup Artist: Lindsey Multman

  • Lan Ross(!) - wow! I can’t believe my eyes! Each picture is unique and so much fun to look at. Cliff, your work is pure genius!
    The shots with the city in the background are amazing and the ones at the ceremony & reception are making me relive our wedding.
    I just can’t wait to share these pictures with family and friends tomorrow. Too exciting!
    Thank you Cliff and Malarie! wow

  • Kiyomi - Cliff & Malarie,
    Your abilities are amazing. It was such a hectic day, but you two were so great at capturing the special moments. It has been great working with you both (this I can’t emphasize enough) and the wedding album will be something we truly cherish. I never thought I would be so at ease, and able to be myself around the camera. Thank you both. Words can’t express how much I enjoy what you did for us over these past few months.

  • Cliff - Hey Lan and Kiyomi!!

    Thanks so much for your comments! We truly appreciate it.

    So when’s our next photo shoot? 🙂


  • mai dinh - Hi Cliff,

    I love your pictures 🙂 You and Malarie were really nice and fun to have at the wedding.
    I can’t wait to see the rest of them!


  • Quyen - Hi Cliff,

    Your pictures are AMAZING!!! These photos make the memories even more beautiful than they already were. I showed my co-worker your work and now you have a new client. Great Job!!!


  • Ramna Sodhi - Hey Cliff & Malarie,

    Oh my gosh these pictures are simply beautiful I loved them! I’ve already started advertising for you guys and hey I’m not married yet so I may contact you right after I contact my “the right guy” haha! As Kiyomi pointed out we relived those moments through your pictures. Awesome work guys keep it up… And Lan you looked SOOO beautiful – Too Hot To Handle lol.


  • Lan - Hi Cliff,

    These are my aunt’s comments:

    “Thank you for your pictures . They are so beautiful and look like a post card or magazine . I love it !
    I almost got in trouble because all my co-workers stoped working …… to check the pictures and some girls were too loud to talk about it …… ”

    Oh how I love your pictures! Can’t wait until Ramna and Quyen get married so we can have some great shots again 🙂

  • Cliff - Y’all are making me blush!! Keep it coming. 🙂

    You guys made my job easy!

    Thanks Mai, Quyen, Ramna, Lan, and Lan’s Aunt! 🙂

  • KOMAL - I want to get married again just so I can have you as my photographer. These pictures are amazing, of course the fact that our buddy is so good looking helps too ;).

  • Kelly Dao - It goes without saying that the pictures of Lan & Kiyomi were amazing. But getting not only one but two (and possibly more)”inspired” pictures of the Ring Bearer (Evan) was sheer brilliance. And I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom. Getting great shots of our kids is like pulling teeth. You’ve truly captured the emotion and spirit of that special day for everyone involved.

  • Cliff - Thank you Komal and Kelly for taking the time to comment!

    I have to say that it’s comments like all of these that make me feel like I’ve really headed the right direction in my chosen profession. It’s so personally gratifying to me to be able to make images that are so appreciated and meaningful by the people in them. It means alot to me to have this feedback, so thank you all!

  • Ramna - Awww!! on behalf of all of us: you are most welcome Cliff – you totally deserve all the praises here 🙂

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