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Natalie + David | Married! – San Mateo Historical Museum Wedding

Natalie and David’s wedding at the San Mateo County Hisorical Museum just positively oozed with personality and creativity, and fit them perfectly. Wait until you see the flowers and cake. Any wedding involving a ’64 Ford Falcon, and a 1950 Studebaker Champion is cool in my book.

OK look closely, but not too close! These flowers bite! 🙂 Yes those are Venus Flytraps.

How could I not include this? It’s pretty rare that you get the horns during the wedding day portraits. 🙂

Some Falcony goodness. Did I mention that this is Natalie’s ride?

How cool is the dome? Is it just me or does it look like they’re about to be beamed up?

Dress bustling gone awry:

Alright, we made it to the cake. Recognize the little characters on the cake? Yes, they’re from Super Mario Brothers. See the cake toppers? Natalie and Dave made those themselves, to emulate her in her Falcon and he in the Champion. Doesn’t get much more awesome than that.

These great cufflinks are family heirlooms:

This venue was just screaming for some long exposure night photographs:

Check out Natalie’s bunny slippers. She made those too!

Congrats you two, we had an absolute blast with you guys!


  • Brandi - So cute. I love their theme and her dress is yummy!! Great pictures.

  • Natalie - Wow Cliff! These look amazing!! Thanks for taking the time to really capture all the little nuances. You really did a fantastic job! I have to say, Dave helped me with the toppers in a big way, so I can’t take all the credit. 😉

  • Cliff - Thanks Natalie! OK, I’m going to make the change to give credit where credit is due. 🙂 Did I get the car years right at least?

  • Marilyn - Clifford, your photos are a work of art. Thanks you for making Natalie and Davd’s wedding a memory they will share forever.

  • Natalie - Ha! Yes, the car years are right. Thanks!

  • Cliff - Thank you Marilyn for the kind comment!

    Whew! I’m glad I got the years right.  My gearhead status is still intact. 😉

  • Sue Smith - Cliff
    Your photos of the Museum are great. I would like to get permission to use some for upcoming advertising for Weddings at the Museum. Please let me know if you can help out.
    Sue Smith

  • adan - nay and dave! congrats!!! 🙂

  • Jovi - beautiful photos! love you both, congrats and i wish you all the best. xx

  • Edith Meyer - Oh WOW – these are so beautiful!!  Natalie the bunny slippers are ridiculously adorable, and that b&w shot of just the two of you on the dance floor is breathtaking.  That should hang on your wall for the next sixty years.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

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