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Carly + Erik | Married! – Squaw Valley Wedding

Here is the wedding of Carly and Erik on the 9th in the Squaw Valley area of Lake Tahoe. The wedding was at The Geisen Property, a private residence on the Truckee River that made for an amazing backdrop.

OK forgive me for a second. Before we get into the pics I’m going to take a second to talk about my very talented wifey. My wife Malarie works in the corporate offices of Sephora as a trainer and is quite skilled with her background with cosmetics/skincare. She was the makeup artist for this wedding which was fantastic, and also saved the couple from a second travel fee to Tahoe. She did a beautiful job, and very importantly from my perspective stayed on time, so we didn’t lose our portrait time. Thanks Wifey! If any of my brides are interested in her services, please let us know.

I loved this message Erik sent a couple hours before the wedding. I hope you can read it! Digits blurred for their protection. 🙂

The flowers were gorgeous. I liked the feathers, nice touch.

We stopped for a few portraits with the beautiful backdrop of Squaw Valley:



Love the look on Erik’s face seeing his bride.

Some portraits:

First Dance:

A moment during the speeches:

Carly does a mean “Blue Steel”:

OK, we got the rings and used a log off to the side of the reception for a background. Everyone thought we were insane. To them it just looked like I was off taking closeup pictures of a log. I had more than one person that night ask us why we were taking pictures of a log. Then when I said that it was a “Ringshot” they thought I was talking about the rings in the tree, and that I truly was some crazy artist. 🙂 When I said “No, the wedding rings!” they still thought I was crazy, but it made a bit more sense. Here’s the proof:

OK I had to include a series of images that I love. There is a massive rock in the river that is fairly accessible from shore, but tough to climb in full on wedding gear. Carly and Erik had decided that they must climb the rock. This series is the fun they had getting to the summit and back. I must say I was quite impressed with Carly’s leap on the way up there in her dress. I was equally impressed watching Erik scurry up the rock in leather soled shoes. Needless to say there were no shoes on the way back down. 🙂

A little animation of the jump back to shore:


This guy cracked me up. He was working his butt against his wife’s pregnant belly while dancing. I think the song was “Baby got Back” 🙂

Thanks Carly and Erik for throwing such a great wedding and fun party for us to capture!

Congrats from Malarie and myself!


  • Dennis - There are great guys!

  • Lisa - All are beautiful but I love the ring shot and the one of the bride and groom in front of that massive tree!

  • jennifer skog - lovely images cliff!  I love the ring shot too 🙂

  • The bride's father - With such a pair to photograph how could you go wrong!

  • Chuck and Faiza Akin - Gorgeous photos! Leave it to the Akins to bring the funk to party- Had a blast 🙂

  • Danielle and Kelly Fry - Amazing photos!  I choked up just looking at them…  It’s hard to capture someone’s true beauty with a picture, but I believe Cliff did an unbelievable job doing just that.  Thanks Cliff for making this day even more special for my sister, the beautiful bride.  (Oh, and Erik looks handsome too! )  🙂 

  • Cliff - Thanks everyone! They certainly made my job easy! I really appreciate the comments, Danielle and Kelly yours was particularly touching. Thanks.

    BTW, Jennifer I’m an admirer of your work as well!

  • brandi brown - What a beautiful couple!  The details of the wedding are amazing!  I love the flowers and the reception decor… but most of all… I love her smile!!

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