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Kim + Dave | Married!

We recently shot Kim and Dave’s wedding in San Ramon. It was a really light, fun atmosphere all day long. Kim and Dave were super laid back all day long, and just enjoyed their day as it unfolded. The evening ended up being a huge party with tons of action on the dance floor! On to the pics!

This is how the guys spend “Getting Ready” time. 🙂



The portraits!

I especially dig these next two:

If I were to caption this (which I am), it would say “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!” 🙂

My major vice is a huge sweet tooth. Sour Patch Kids are one of my very favorite guilty pleasures. I tried to resist, but I’m coming clean right here. I ate some SPK’s. 🙂

These next two pictures cracked me up. I noticed Kim in this picture where her hands are raised up in the air while having fun on the dance floor….

Then just a few images later her Mom rockin’ the exact same move. The apple didn’t fall far. 🙂

Sparkler exit with a little too much enthusiasm! Everyone had one sparkler exept for the guy responsible for the fireball on the left, he had ALL of the leftover sparklers, and lit them at once! You can see one guest ducking for cover. I could feel the heat on my left as he lit it and did my best to get the shot AND not catch on fire while walking backwards. Good Times. 🙂

Thanks for a fun day! Congrats Kim and Dave!


  • jonathan canlas - man, those first 2 shots are freaking out of this world. cliff, you never cease to amaze me.

  • Natasha - Love all the detail shots! Oh, and the guys getting ready 🙂 Just awesome!

  • Cliff - Thanks Canlas! It always means alot coming from you!

    Thanks Natasha!

  • chelo - Very very nice!! She is so beautiful- they will love these!

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