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Annika + David | Married! – De Young Museum Wedding

Annika and David had a really cool wedding just a couple weeks ago at the De Young Museum here in San Francisco. They were a laid back and fun loving bunch, and De Young is an amazing venue!

We’ll start off with a little getting ready. I thought it was cool that they got ready together, it eschews tradition a bit, but felt really intimate.

On to the Museum! Dad walking Annika down the aisle:

David waiting happily at the other end:

Their ceremony was officiated by a close friend of theirs which I always love, but this time was especially cool because this guy has the coolest voice on the planet. He should be doing movie trailers:

There’s not too many buildings that get more dramatic than this:

Can you guess what David’s last name is? I had this shot in my head ever since I first sat down with them months ago:

I’m sure I totally messed up this picture, but I couldn’t resist!

My name is _________ and I like to party:

That poor cupcake. It never had a chance.

Thanks for sharing this awesome day with us! Congrats you two!


  • Brandi - Gorgeous! The bride’s veil is really unique.

  • oncle Trinus - C’est “merveilleux”.

  • Coby - What a lovely couple, congratuations!!
    The father of the bride is also adorable but I miss pics. of yje mother of the bride…
    A hug and 3 kisses, Coby

  • Annika - These photos are amazing!  Dave and I couldn’t be happier, and can’t wait to see the rest of them!  The photos are just stunning!  Thank you so much for making this day a great memory to last a lifetime.-Annika 

  • Netty- mother of the bride - The pictures are taken in a very artistic way!  Thank you for such nice memories.  I am looking forward to seeing more.Also, thank you Brandi for your comment about the veil.  

  • Bruce Lindner - Oh, wow… these are awesome! But the one that steals the blue ribbon as far as I’m concerned is the kiss… with the V-shaped walls framing you both. You were simply gorgeous that night! (So was I for that matter, but did I get any attention? Noooooooo…)Much love to you both,Yer’ weird Uncle Bruce 

  • Grandma & Grandpa - Golly whiz! We thought Mark and Netty’s wedding was the loveliest we’d ever seen- until yours came along! David, you were really handsome in that outfit, and Annika darling, well, words fail us! You were absolutely, smashingly, gorgeous. Keep the photos coming. All our love and best wishes to both of you for the future.

  • michelle - WOW! The “Young” shot. priceless. love it.

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