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Lea Teng + Tiong Yong | Engaged!

Lea and TY are getting married this December in Malaysia, but before they go, we got the chance to do an engagement session. It’s traditional to do their engagements in their wedding attire, so it was fun getting to shoot a “bride and groom” without the strict time line that usually comes with the wedding day. Here’s the images!

If you’ve ever been up to the Marin Headlands before, you know it can be a windy and cold experience, even on an otherwise nice day. This day was no exception. We shot as fast as we could! Thanks for braving the elements for the sake of art! 🙂

Best of luck to you both!


  • KT - Congratulations to Lea Teng and Tiong Yong. The photos turned out to be really great! Can’t wait to see the rest of them.

    Best wishes,

  • lea - It was fun working with you and Malarie!! Thanks for taking these beautiful pictures!! to my surprise the weather looks good at marine headlands in the photo! 🙂

  • Jopiks - vraiment vous faites un travail magnifique, les images sont superbes et pleines de créativités !

  • TY - 🙂 It is relax and fun to have picture taken by you and Malarie. Really like the photos!! Thanks a lots cliff, Malarie and “crew” – KT, Linda, WeiHou, Erin. It was really enjoyable and memorable day with you guys and the weather.

  • Lim Yi Sheng & Lim Yi Hong - Congratulations, Jiu Jiu & Jiu Mu…from Yi Sheng & Yi Hong

  • Kitty! - i LOVE that pics #4 and #5.. wahhahaha…. Miss Lea, the 美人痣 looks awesome!!! Represent!!!!!!!!
    Agree these are really nice pictures 😀

  • Cliff - Thanks everyone! Et Merci Beaucoup Jopiks! 🙂

  • hong89 - The Photos are beautiful and nice. Congratulations!! 我很喜欢这些照片。

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