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Julie + Yomei | Married! – Viansa Winery Wedding

Just a couple weeks ago we spent the day with Julie and Yomei at their wedding at the gorgeous Viansa Winery in Sonoma.  We go way back with Julie and Yomei.  It was just about a year ago that we met them at Erin and Kevin’s wedding where they were in the bridal party.  Not only is it the ultimate compliment when a member of the bridal party chooses us to shoot their own wedding, it’s always extra awesome to see all the familiar faces and pick up right where we left off!  I remember Julie and Yomei as the first couple on the dance floor and the last to leave, and Julie is delightfully animated, so I knew it was going to be a fun day!  They did not disappoint!

The girls were going through a dry run for bustling the dress, and they had a little instructional support via Blackberry.

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-2

The girls were “under the hood” so to speak.  I love Julie’s expression.  That’s the face you make when 2 of your closest friends are under your dress. 🙂

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-1

Some of the fantastic details of the Viansa property and the wedding ceremony: Florals by Wine Country Flowers


What a fantastic room for a bridal portrait, Julie looked fab!

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-3

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-4

When I have the time scheduled in I like to do individual portraits of the bridal party, I really dig this little grid of the main players.  Julie and Yomei are the first two of course!  Shout out to Erin and Kevin! 🙂


Julie and Dad heading to meet Yomei.

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-5

Yomei getting his first look at his bride.

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-6Viansa Winery makes a great backdrop for the ceremony!

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-7

I like this little expression from Yomei.  I have a feeling this is a regular expression from Yomei during emotional moments, as I saw it a few times throughout the day when so inspired.Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-8

Another emotional moment.

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-9

After the ceremomy we headed out to the vines to go play and make some cool portraits.

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-10

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-11Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-12Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-13

I think this is my fav.Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-14

Some of the reception details: Cake by Buttercream Bakery


First dance.Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-16Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-18

Julie rocks.  How many brides are going to throw up the horns during their first dance?

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-19Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-20

There was much fun to be had on the dance floor!  Turner from Elite Entertainment was awesome.  He even had special speakers that were extremely low profile so they wouldn’t be eyesores in the photos!  That’s some attention to detail!

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-21

I think the Hora is my very favorite wedding tradition to shoot.  The expressions are always so awesome and honest!

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-22Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-23Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-24Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-25

They had a really cool Japanese tradition of the dads breaking open a barrel of sake together with a large wooden mallet.  Sweet!

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-26

Julie is a huge Counting Crows fan, I forget how many concerts they said she has attended, but it was up there.  (If you’d like to provide specifics in the comments Julie feel free) 🙂  They played this song at the end and everyone surrounded Julie and Yomei for one last dance.  They of course broke out the lighters.  Everyone was singing along, I even caught myself singing along.

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-28

Air guitar duo:Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-30

Winding it down in the “yeah’s” at the end.  Love it.

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-31

A beautiful evening.

Viansa_Winery_Wedding _Sonoma-15

Thanks so much Julie and Yomei for choosing us to spend this day with you, it was truly a blast!  We’re jealous that you’re honeymooning in France!  Hope it was a fantastic trip!

  • Erin - Yay! The pictures are amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Julie Schwartz - To respond, I’ve been to about 50 Counting Crows concerts, but this one was by far the best. 😉

    Thank you so much for the amazing preview of your work at my wedding. You are extraordinarily talented, but I already knew that from Erin’s wedding pictures. That is why I hired you! I would recommend you without qualification to anyone who asked.


  • Yomei - All I’ve got to say is, “WOW!” Cliff’s the man!

  • Cliff - Thanks you guys!! 🙂

  • Chris - Great pics, fantastic work to capture emotions during the wedding. A diverse group of fans attended a few of those concerts with Julie – those were lifetime memories for sure

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