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Kristin + Billy | Engaged!

We recently had the pleasure of getting to know Kristin and Billy a bit better and got some really cool images in the process!  We shot mostly in the Muir Woods north of SF, where they’ve got the most amazing giant redwoods that I’ve been privileged enough to see!  I’d never actually been there before but got to know it pretty well during my scouting hike and then the hike with Billy, Kristin, and Malarie during the shoot.  Thanks for giving me the reason to finally explore it!

You’re not technically allowed to do a photo shoot there without a permit, so we were living dangerously.  I kept the equipment to a minimum, and we didn’t shoot until we’d hiked quite a ways, but we didn’t get the boot!  Thanks for being troopers you guys!

OK on to the pics:

Those are some pretty spectacular trees!  You should have seen us scramble up the hill to get this!


Billy and Kristin aren’t so bad either! 🙂


I really like this one:Muir_Woods_Engagement-3

Moss and a smile, how could you go wrong?


One of my favs.  Us capitalizing on some sweet light pouring in through a rare hole in the flora.


We headed back to the city going to a spot I’d been wanting to play in for a while.  One of my other favs!Muir_Woods_Engagement-8Muir_Woods_Engagement-9

I totally dig the ambient shifting blue here.


OK, this is my real favorite.


We really enjoyed spending time with you both, and we’re looking forward to doing it again in November!


  • Kristin - These are incredible, Cliff! We had such a great time with you and Malarie as well. One of my favs is the log with the moss too, as well as the one when I’m sitting on the fence, and also the one with the ambient blue light. Oh heck, I just love them all! Thanks for a great time at Muir Woods and some excellent photos.

  • Barb - Beautiful photos! But, you had some great subject material to work with too… of course, this is coming from a parent! 🙂 I can’t decide which is my favorite… but I love the one with the light coming thru the flora (Kristin sitting on the fence kissing Billy), and the last two close up’s. But I also like the one with the ambient blue. My favorites are ones with both of their great smiles! I much prefer seeing their smiles to the serious ones…. My fav distant one is the one in the “tunnel” with Billy picking up Kristin while kissing her. The light is lovely in that one! Thanks Cliff! They appear to feel quite comfortable with you and Malarie…. We look forward to November!

  • Billy Byrnes - Wow! These turned out great. We knew they would after seeing the glimpses on the camera. You did an incredible job capturing what we love…each other, and God’s creation. I sent them to my mom, and she told me she was crying while looking at them. I would be lying if I said it didn’t bring a tear to my eye as well. Having both backgrounds made my day and I can see that it was worth the time, the dirt, the cold, and the outfit change to get both spots. Thanks! We are excited to keep working with you and we look forward to November 7. Please pass along our gratitude to Malarie.

  • Jan Stewart Thomas - How fun to see these!
    I struggled in deciding which was my favorite because the ones with a nice Kristin smile had Billy represented minimally. The shot with Kristin kissing (I love kissing pics) Billy on the bridge with the soft back light coming through won the prize for me…a nice natural looking kiss…yum. Jan

  • Brita - I’m one of Kristin’s friends since childhood — I love your pictures! They are amazing — I would have to say very creative. I think you have AWESOME subjects to work with — two of the nicest and cutest people I know….no bias here! I love the tunnel shot and the one with the blue tones. Definitely I would say that Billy and Kristin’s personality is much more fun than serious — so let them show those smiles! See you at the wedding….again lovely work.

  • Cliff - Thanks so much for the comments everyone! Good news for those looking for more “smiley” images, there will be plenty in the final take, these just happen to be my personal favorites!

  • Manus Chau - as always… dig your lighting skills.

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