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We’re Moving!

Hey everyone!  We’ve got some pretty exciting news that effects both our personal and professional lives.  Malarie and I are moving, thus bringing Brunk Photography along with us!  Don’t worry, we’re still in SF, but we’ve taken the plunge and bought our 1st place!  When we’re settled in it’s going to be our new client meeting space as well as where we’ll be hanging our hat.  We’re excited to get in and make it our own!

The real reason for the post besides sharing our excitement is to loop everyone in on how this change will effect things in the short term. Turnaround times for weddings/orders in production shouldn’t be effected at all as I’ll be burning the midnight oil to keep up, but there is likely to be a few days where my emails aren’t answered as quickly as is normal in the transition from one space to the other.  Our official moving day is the 23rd, so I’d say the 21st-25th are the days that my connectivity might be effected.

I couldn’t post this without at least one picture, so here’s my favorite feature of the new place:



  • Sierra - Congrats Cliff & Malarie! The place looks gorgeous. Love love love the brick. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  • Lan - Congrats Cliff and Malarie! What a nice place!
    Is that a patio I see outside?

  • Cliff - Thanks Sierra and Lan!! We’re getting settled in nicely!

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