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Jennifer and Jason | Married! – Ralston Hall Wedding

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to document Jennifer and Jason’s wedding at Ralston Hall Mansion in Belmont.  If you’re a regular follower you’ll likely recognize them from their engagement session earlier this year.  It was a truly elegant space and affair!

The guys came on the scene first, so we got to start with Jason.  This is one of my very favorite groom portraits ever!  A little play on the details of the venue and Jason’s height.


This had a very old school feel so BW felt most appropriate.


Getting that last button latched is a joyful moment!


Double your reflection, double your fun.


Jennifer in her throne.Ralston_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-6

Love the feel of this one.  Cool space eh?Ralston_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-7

Jennifer and Jason’s first sight:

First SightRalston_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-12Ralston_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-13

Moments before the ceremony Jason was solo in this room, and you could see his intense concentration, and if you looked closely you could see his mouth moving.  Turns out he was doing some last minute cramming, and was going over his vows to make sure everything came out perfect.


It was a very emotional ceremony with many smiles and tears, some were even simultaneous!   Jennifer’s sister did a great job taking care of her.  This was captured by Malarie.  Nice shot wifey!Ralston_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-15

We only had a few minutes scheduled for portraits, so we had to make them count!


Here’s the details of the day.  Jennifer’s dress is by Enzoani, the beautiful florals are by Huckleberry Karen, and the cake is by Margaret’s French Bakery.

Ralston Hall Wedding Details


I couldn’t resist an animated .gif for this moment.  This was a moment during the toasts where Jason’s initial wooing of Jennifer was being discussed.  Being the playa he is (or was), Jason brushed off his shoulder.  If you don’t know what this means, here’s the Urban Dictionary definition:  “A cool action that only the playaz do when they be pimpin”.  I think that says it all.


A couple of first dance moments:


Jennifer and her Dad at the end of their dance.Ralston_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-26

A different angle on the cake cutting.Ralston_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-27

Jason’s getting ready to go in for the garter.Ralston_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-28

Jennifer’s not giving it up without a fight apparently. 🙂


Loved this angle of the bouquet toss. Getting to do something a little different is always good!


Not sure what’s going on here, and I was there!  In any case, I love it.  The foot and the pointing finger make it.Ralston_Hall_Wedding_Photographer-35

This was a really funny series.  He was doing a full on serenade to a Bryan Adams song.  Pretty sure it was the “Everything I do, I do it for you” song.


Jennifer was doing the robot.  Everyone’s a critic, eh Jenn?


Last dance!


Good night Ralston Hall!  That’s the moon peeking through the trees btw.


Jennifer and Jason, it was an absolute pleasure getting to know you and your friends and family!  Thank you for inviting us in to be a part of it!


  • Jenn and Jason - Hi Cliff! We LOVE these pictures. Each of the pictures capture a very special moment during the wedding, some of which we weren’t able to witness firsthand, so thank you! I absolutely cherish the photos of Jason’s big pimpin’ moves. By the way, I think that facial expression was my brother-in-law’s special way of telling me that he wouldn’t dare challenge my robot moves.

  • Cliff - Hi Jenn and Jason! I’m so happy you’re enjoying your sneak peek! Jenn, I’m sure you’re right. Greg wouldn’t diss you like that on your wedding day I’m certain. 🙂

  • Steve Z - Wow. Amazing Venue. Amazing Details. To the Nines.

  • Ian Mitchell - So fresh and so clean, like all your stuff. Nice work!

  • Emily - Gorgeous pictures. I love the ones with the bamboo in the background. So elegant. Oh, and my husband would like to use that great picture that you took of him for his Facebook profile pic. haha.

  • Art Miro - beautiful images 🙂 very inspirational.

  • imthiaz houseman - beautiful set. i love the 4th shot!

  • Cliff - Thanks so much all! Emily, Greg can use that image on FB with my blessing. 🙂

  • Golnaz - Hey, my fiance and I are getting married at Ralston Hall in July. We love your pictures! We also noticed the groom’s wedding band. Can you tell us where you got it from?

  • Golnaz - Hey, my fiance and I are getting married at Ralston Hall in July. We loved your pictures! We also noticed the groom’s wedding band. Can you tell us where you got it from?

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