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The Howards | Family Portraits

I mentioned that I recently traveled to Nashville to shoot a wedding with my friend Michael Howard, and in addition to the underwater shoot I’ve been posting images from, we did a little impromptu family session.  I don’t usually shoot family portraits, so I was a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m really pleased with the resulting images. The twins are adorable, and the whole family is so stylish they made my first family session as easy as could be.  I have a lot of respect for family photographers though, it’s no cakewalk getting 2 year olds to do what you want for pictures!  It’s also always a little extra pressure when you’re shooting for a fellow photographer, especially when you have an admiration for their work.

I really like this.  I have some with them looking up too, but I like the quirkiness of this one best.  I have no idea why they’re looking down. 🙂

He was the more animated of the twins by far, she’s much more contemplative.  I think this summed that up pretty well.

I had to sneak in some of just the two of them as well.

Hey Michael, did you pick that shirt because it matched your eyes?  🙂

This may be my favorite.

Maybe there’s a little bit of family photographer in me after all.  If they were all like the Howards, I’d make the leap in a heartbeat!


  • Michael Howard - Aww! Thanks for posting these. We love them and you did a great job for not doing family portraits much. We are very appreciative for taking some of us. I haven’t had a chance to finish going through them, but so far a lot of our favorites match up. 🙂

  • Jessica Blaine Smith - I love these images, Cliff! The Howards are adorable! I think that more family sessions are in your future.

  • Cliff - Glad you’re enjoying them Michael, thanks! Thanks Jessica, they made it easy! If they’re all like them then sign me up!

  • Catalin Alexa - Lovely photos!

  • Catalin Alexa - Hi again! And thanks for your appreciation.

    I always take this family portraits using a 50 mm lens on a crop factor camera. And … sometimes it’s just to tight.

    Your photos looks very very good. Are you using like 24 mm on a full frame camera?


  • Cliff - Hi Catalin. Actually most are with an 85 on full frame, with a little 45 and 35 thrown in here and there.

  • Natasha - such a beautiful family, perfectly captured!

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