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Aline + Ben | Married! – Mandarin Oriental Wedding, San Francisco

Aline + Ben had their wedding a few weeks back at the Mandarin Oriental SF for getting ready and the ceremony and The Nine photo studio for the reception.  It was an awesome day in the city, and wait until you see the view for their ceremony!

This was one of my favorite getting ready sessions in some time, we had some really great light to play with.

The competition was fierce!

One of my favorites of the day.

Aline was looking fabulous and her dress was very dramatic!

Really liked this little moment with her Dad.

We did a first sight on the deck where the ceremony was going to take place, so many great moments I had to put together a little series.  I love when couples choose to do this. Not only does it make logistics so much easier, I love the intimacy of the moment and the opportunity to capture it all without the restrictions of the ceremony.

We got to make a few portraits before the ceremony too.

I really dig this one.  It took a lot of firepower to get them to register in the reflection during the middle of the day!

Quite the ceremony view eh?

Malarie got the first kiss from upstairs.  Nice shot wifey!

I think this is my favorite portrait of the day.

We used to live fairly close by here and I’ve always admired these doors.  I think they’re my favorite in the city.

There’s that aforementioned drama in Aline’s dress!

Ben had some rooftop access so we stopped by for a few more portraits on the way to the reception.  I really like these next two.

I’ve said it before, but I really think the Horah may be my very favorite wedding tradition to shoot.  It’s hard to not display genuine, pure emotion when you’re hoisted precariously in a chair by your slightly inebriated friends and family. 🙂

I told you it was precarious!  Don’t worry, they caught him.

My favorite place is right in the center to get images like this, but it always seems like a dangerous place to be!  So much fun.

Aline and her Mom showing everyone how it’s done.

Not to be upstaged, Aline’s Dad brought down the house!

It was an awesome day Aline and Ben, thanks so much for inviting us to share it with you!

P.S. Thanks to Elliot for the referral!


  • Elliot - AMAZING shots. Cliff, you are the master.

    Congratulations Aline and Ben! It looked like a beautiful day.

  • Aline Lerner - Wow, Cliff, we are floored. Thank you for making us look like movie stars. My mom also wanted to pass on how amazing she thought the photos were. In addition to the gorgeous portraits, thank you for capturing some amazing moments on the dance floor. We were very lucky to have you at our wedding!

  • Cliff - Thanks Elliot! Give our best to Jacqueline!

    Thank you so much Aline, but I can’t take all the credit for making you look like movie stars, you brought that on your own! There was so much awesome dancing at your wedding, so there’s much more to come!

  • Kevin Lam - Stunning work as usual!

  • Kristin - SICK SICK SICK!

    You ROCKED this one, Cliff. ROCKED IT!

  • Cliff - Thank you Kevin and Kristin!

  • Matthias - Very nice Cliff, the getting ready shot with her in her dress in the mirror is my favorite, though the expressions you get with people in a tux high on a chair is always classic.

  • Aline Lerner - Cliff, we just got the DVD and proofs. Wow! The packaging is gorgeous, and each of the proofs is like a perfect mini painting. Thank you again for everything.

  • Cliff - Sweet! Happy to hear you’re pleased with everything. Thanks for sending the update, and for having us along to document your day!

  • Monica Salazar - I love the drama of her dress! The bride holding the groom’s face is my fav too. So much love was in the air.

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