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One of my favorite memories from the time that we spent living in Paris was sampling macarons from our neighborhood patisseries to decide which were the best.  It was also really tough when we came back not being able to find any that were in the same league.  After sampling Lan’s Macarons from her new business, The Last Touch Bakery I believe we may have one less thing to miss!  I photographed Lan’s wedding a few years back, and I was thrilled that she wanted to work with me again in creating images for her new venture.

One of her main markets will be weddings, so for those of you out there looking for a little Parisian influence for your wedding, give her a look.


  • Mai - Pictures look great! 🙂

  • Lan - Cliff! As always, you’ve exceeded my expecations! These pictures are fantastic. Love your attention to details and creativity.
    It was such an experience for me to watch ‘behind the scenes’ of a great photo shoot!

  • Anamika - Lan, amazing!! you look adorable in the pics! Your macarons are delicious and look fantastic as well! Congrats on the biz!

  • The Last Touch Bakery » Blog Archive » a hoto shoot with Cliff - […] I was so excited when Cliff Brunk, my very talented wedding photographer, accepted to do a photo shoot for the website. The quality of these pictures reflect his artistic ability and eye for details! Check out a preview on his blog, […]

  • Janet - Lan: You look fabulous! Cliff did a great job with the design and the beauty of the pictures. Most importantly, your macarons are just delicious!

  • Frances M. - Delicious! Lan’s macaroons are a hit!

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