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Brenna + Jon | Married! – Murrieta’s Well Wedding

Ok it’s catch up time!  I’m woefully behind on the blog, as I’ve been diverting all my efforts on keeping my deadlines during the peak of Fall season, and we spent a couple weeks on vacation in Paris and Croatia.  I’ve got several posts coming over the next couple of weeks, so I’ll keep the text minimal, and just let the images do the talking.

It was a fabulous day at Murrieta’s Well with Brenna and Jon!

I really like the “S” shape created by the lace in motion in this one.

My favorite portrait of the day.

I think this is my favorite of the day.  It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to photograph weddings due to all the guests trying to get images of their own, but for this one I chose to just embrace it and show that part of their story as well.

First dance!

Dance off!  Love the hair in motion.

Jon plays a mean air guitar!

Thanks for having us be a part of your day!


  • Jonathan Hess - The pictures are awesome Cliff. The one with Ryan and Aris dancing with Ryan’s hair all blown out is great.

  • Brenna - Love all the pics Cliff! You did a FANTASTIC job capturing our special day and you and Malarie were a blast to work with! We’re so happy with the results!!!

  • Cliff - Thanks Jon and Brenna!

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