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Shonna + Norm | Engaged!

I recently met up with Shonna + Norm at one of my (and their) favorite Bay Area beaches for their engagement session.  This is one of my favorite E-session ever!  We spent 3 hours rather than the usual 2 all in one spot, so we really had time to play and get some really out of the ordinary images.  The way things were going, I could have gone 3 more! Big thanks to Matthias for coming out to be my lighting assistant for the day.

We started out strong, really pleased with this image.

Couldn’t resist playing a bit with the see-saw.

Another favorite.

They happen to be into yoga, so we took advantage of that ability for a few unorthodox poses.  I think this one is going to move into my regular repertoire. Everyone can do this right?

Two “trees” growing on a hill.

It seems so rare that we get good sunsets here, as most of the time it’s either crystal clear or fogged in with not much in between.  Not the case on this day.  The sky turned absolutely epic, and this one and the last image are 2 of my all time favorite engagement shots.

We had already begun to walk to the car thinking that the best of the sunset was over, when the sky turned this intense pink.  We had to run back out there to get this, and I’m so glad we did.  Even the surfers were completely mesmerized by this sunset, and I’m sure they’ve seen many.  In fact, one even asked me if I got it when he saw me packing up the gear in the parking lot.  It certainly felt like a special occasion, and I couldn’t be happier that we got to capture it all for Shonna and Norm.

See you again next month, can’t wait!


  • Monica - Wow, these are amazing Cliff. Nicely done.

  • Angela - Amazing!!!! Really stunning work Cliff

  • Matthias - Check out that sky! You really put it all together Cliff. You’ve incorporated the layers of off-camera light, the natural beauty of the sky, and the emotions of Norm and Shonna perfectly.

  • Shonna - Thanks for the great pics Cliff! We appreciate all of your enthusiasm and hard work…Matthias as well. Who would have thought it was going to be such a beautiful day. You can’t even tell we are freezing =>!
    See you soon on the big day!

  • Cliff - Thanks so much for taking the time to comment all! We definitely lucked out with the sky. I remember we even thought about rescheduling because the forecast was a bit sketchy. Sure glad we didn’t!

  • norm - love the photos, Cliff….glad you stopped and had us take those last few shots…insane sky!!!

  • Gary - The last one is stunning!!!

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