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Melissa + Hakeem | Engaged!

We just had an awesome engagement shoot that I’m very excited to share!  These two have tons of personality, were so enthusiastic, and lots of fun to have in front of my lens.  We started around the Bay Bridge, then went in search for some sweet light and some backgrounds off the beaten path…

It’s not really fair that these two get to look like this, have a great sense of style, and be brilliant.  They’re both doctors!  I was sick this day, so it was nice to have them there in case things went downhill. 😉  I really love the light we found for these next few images.

Then we made some light of our own.  Um, can you say “SWAG!”?


Hakeem spotted the floats for the Chinese New Years Parade nearby, so we went to scope it out.  This was such a natural backdrop, and we made it just in time, as they started leaving right after.

A little F train action:

Love this one!

Thanks for spending this time with us, and we can’t wait for the wedding!



  • Shalista - Stunning, per usual! Love them.

  • Ben S. - Awesome!

  • Hakeem - Cliff, you are far too kind. After seeing the website, I could only get a couple of hours of sleep. Far exceeded our expectations. This is one of the few times that I hope that I do not get called in to deliver a baby, because I cannot pull myself from these pictures.

  • Ian Mitchell - Wow, some stunners there! I love the second shot, awesome composition!

  • Barrie Photographers - Brilliant colour and wonderful refelctions… stunning series, wow!

  • Sarah Morris - Cliff – the last shot with the Bay Bridge in the background literally took my breath away!! I can only hope and wish that you are not booked the day I say “I Do”.

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