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Kathryn + Joseph | Martis Camp Birthday – Lake Tahoe

We first began the conversation with Kathryn + Joseph a couple of years ago when they began planning their wedding.  Then they were soon thereafter blessed with the news of their impending daughter, and their main wedding was put on hold, although they have had 2 private wedding ceremonies in the meantime.  There was the opening line from Kathryn’s vows that summed that part up perfectly: “This isn’t our first wedding, or our second, it’s our third wedding.  I’m also pretty sure it won’t be our last, because I so love marrying you”.  Kathryn + Joseph are the types to wear their feelings on their faces, and they made it obvious that they have enough love between them for dozens of weddings, and one really wonderful marriage.

We were with them for 2 days at Martis Camp in Truckee near Lake Tahoe, the first of which was a party for their now 1yr old daughter.  She’s adorable, and just as expressive as her parents. It was also fun to shoot something a little bit different.  Coventry and Kaluza of Circus Bella were there on hand as performers and taught guests juggling and hula hoop tricks.

Stay tuned for the wedding day tomorrow!

Malarie’s shot:

The birthday girl!

Kids do weird things sometimes…. 🙂

Malarie’s shot:

Joseph’s dad is crazy for that granddaughter!

Come back to see the wedding tomorrow!




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