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Julia + Kevin | Julia Morgan Ballroom Wedding – San Francisco

First wedding of the year, off to a great start!

Julia and Kevin have gone down in history as our most photographed clients thus far. We began our time together when Kevin got in touch with us before they were engaged so that I could document their proposal. We worked out the location on an Embarcadero pier, and the approximate timing, and I pretended to be a tourist, taking pictures of the bridge, the Ferry Building, etc as I saw them approach me and walk past. I kept on eye on the action while doing my best “definitely not a creepy guy watching a couple on the pier” impression until he made his move.  It was fun operating like a clandestine operation, and thankfully Julia said yes before being ambushed by both their families.  We were off to quite the start!  We also did 2 engagement sessions prior to the wedding, another first!  They’re true photography enthusiasts, and it’s always a pleasure to work with clients who trust you and give you the time and freedom to push boundaries and technique to create something special.


This next image was quite a technical challenge.  I noticed we had some extra time with the wedding party, so I envisioned something a little extra special.  I’ve done a few of these types of images in the past, but this was the biggest.  This is actually made up of several images/exposures to allow me to create a lighting scenario not possible with a single frame.  Not something we get to do very often, but the result is pretty amazing.  (If I do say so myself) 😉Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-14_14Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-15_15Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-16_16Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-17_17Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-18_18Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-19_19Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-20_20Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-21_21Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-22_22Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-23_23Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-24_24Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-25_25Julia_Morgan_Ballroom_Wedding-26_26


  • Magic Moment - Really cool pictures. Congratulations.

  • Susana Paz - ¡Vaya fotazas! Impresionada me quedo.

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