Cecily + Charles 30pg Custom Album

Your Custom Album design is ready for review!

The next step is for you to navigate through your design and do one of the following:

- Click "I Approve My Album!" if you have no changes, and love your design as is.

- Make comments about individual spread designs in the space provided below each spread. Please reference the image number you want changed, and provide a replacement image number. Then, when finished click "Send Comments!"

It's also time for you to decide on your cover color(s).

The default option is black leather, which is named “Miami Ink” by my album supplier. Here are the rest of the options:


Some of the leathers have a more “distressed” finish, which are really cool but not quite as polished as some of the rest. They mainly reside in the center section in the 3 sections of swatches. If you have questions about colors, textures or finish, I have the physical samples to refer to. Keep in mind that unless your monitor is color calibrated, the true color may not be exactly as pictured.

You can do an accent stripe too if you want to combine 2 colors: (The one pictured is “miami ink” and “scarlet o’hara” for reference)


Also if you want my opinion on some possible combinations, I’d be happy to help there too.