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We’ve been looking forward to sharing this wedding for a while now, as it combined so many of our favorite elements.  Colleen + Dane were so open and expressive, the venues were both ends of the spectrum, classic and modern SF while both being a bit larger than life, and they know how to party!

We started things off at the Olympic Club in SF.

They didn’t see each other beforehand, so this was Colleen’s first peek around the corner to see Dane for the first time that day.

It’s not often you find someone who laughs with such enthusiasm as Colleen, and as you’ll see, it happened frequently this day. 🙂

I caught them practicing for their first dance while waiting to be announced.


Thanks so much for having us along!


So happy to be posting one of our favorite weddings from this past season, Irene + Devon’s wedding at the spectacular Anvil Ranch near Healdsburg.  Irene is the sister of Arthur, half of one of our favorite couples from a few years back, Janisha +  Arthur.  It’s always great when families pass us around, but particularly so when the families are as memorable as these.  We felt like adopted family members at Janisha and Arthur’s wedding, and we picked up right where we left off with Irene and Devon.

Irene’s father prepared a very touching toast, more of a poem really, and there wasn’t a dry eye to be found.

When the conditions and timing are right I love nothing more than a night portrait, thanks for following me into the dark for a few minutes and having faith it would be worth it to make this one happen. 🙂

We’re so happy we were able to share this day with you, thank you for your trust!